Friday, April 11, 2014

Paolo Onesa Releases Debut Album “Pop Goes Standards”

He crooned his way through the live shows of The Voice of the Philippines with his celebrated vocal chords. Now, Paolo Onesa, the ultimate heartthrob crooner, is a certified recording artist as he releases his debut album “Pop Goes Standards”.

“Pop Goes Standards” is an album where the 20-year old handsome young crooner sings the most loved pop songs in his signature standards style. It features the tracks “ When I Was Your Man”, “You Are So Beautiful”, Make You Feel My Love”, “Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)” featuring fello The Voice finalist Klarisse De Guzman, “Marry Me”, “You’re Beautiful” as well as recorded versions of the songs he performed on The Voice of the Philippines like “Skyfall” and “Elesi.” “Pop Goes Standards” also includes two original songs “Lucky In Love” and “Which Way Robert Frost?” written by American composers Roxanne Seeman, Daniel Nitt and Philipp Steinke.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

College of Education Getaway

This may have been a late entry, but I still wanted to share this very experience with you guys.

Last month, that was March, as we 1st year college students faced the penultimate battles of raining projects and requirements before the final examinations, we had at least a day of escape, in the form of an educational trip. Either way, I just thought, this may have been a good move on the college’s part. We, even them (the college authorities), had at least one day to spare for fun, before we lunged ourselves for heavy study and work in the last days of the semester.

Anyway, so much for the intro. Our trip consisted of five itineraries. Three of which are field immersions, one is a lunch stop and the other one is just, let’s say, a look on the bus windows (but I never had pictures, so we’re even). Ha-ha.

Early morning at 6:00, we left school for our first itinerary: the Barasoain Church. After barely an hour of a sleepy ride, we reached the destination. And on the first look, I am simply awed. It’s wide and imposing patio reminds me of old scenes I see in pictures of the Spanish settlement here in the Philippines. I almost thought it never changed.

This place, which became the seat of the revolutionary government, was also the cradle for the convocation of the Malolos Congress. Later on, the place transformed into what right now is a national landmark and a monument to history.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sun Broadband Quest 2013 Winner Iktus release self-titled debut EP

Iktus, a four-piece pop rock band and winner of Sun Broadband Quest 2013, releases their self-titled EP under MCA Music, Inc. The 8-track album features the carrier single “IMY”.

The band is comprised of guitarist Augusto Mendoza and siblings Andrei Panaligan, CJ Panaligan, and Andrew Panaligan (bassist, vocalist and drummer respectively). Their name comes from the Greek word “Ichthys” – meaning “fish” and alluding to Jesus Christ – which represents their identity as a Christian band.