Friday, March 21, 2014

This Is My Journal

It has been weeks since my last post. After that, my Christmas break came in like blink of an eye. I started getting things done one by one but it seemed that my second semester in being a first year college student just got started. I have been busier than ever.

In that case, I have to lay down some things so as to make time for overwhelming tasks at hand. The idea was never usual. It knocked on my temple, it poked my thoughts into things I eventually decided to leave behind. I am dismayed at the idea that I had to rest again in this online journal I started. 
In the abstinence I took in the past few weeks I already had in mind the thought of missing writing for joy, so I prepared. I drowned myself in writing exemplary (yes, I said exemplary) essays, stories and arguments in our research subject and English writing activities. I have missed it so bad I did well in my writing at school. Nevertheless, thanks for this burning passion for writing I have never been closer, only I was writing and not typing to be exact.

Right now, as I jump back here again in front of the keyboard, while things in school start to hold back from their attack, I now attempt defiance. Defiance to not leave or rest from writing again. Why? Simply because it helps me, in every small way I can think of, constantly. I know I still have the errors, and I am honestly as fallible as any writer can be. I am not perfect and we all do, but it is inherent that doing nothing will not help us or even me, to improve.

I can never predict where this writing in the internet stops. But I know for some point, that as long as it helps me build my character and my future, as long as it helps me vent and say what I need to say and as long as my passion burns and presses on, I won’t stop.