Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Write to Live

I have always been that kind of person who loves to write. I already wrote poems, stories, and features in my high school days in our school paper called "The Light." Even so, I even started trying to write my own novel, which of course, was still on its way (that I'm doubting I could kill).

Writing is one way to get an absolute hold of the world I'm living. I get a "nothing is too fantastic" feel when I write. It was like I can be anyone or anything when I do it.

One more thing, writing makes me calm. It's a way into the deepest abyss' of my thoughts. A way to sit and be still, before myself and the busy world. It gives me a chance to buy myself a "me time," wherein I can rest my tireless thoughts.

I write because I have something to tell. Even before language and alphabet has been invented, we intellectual beings tell stories on our own. Once a prehistoric man told his story on a cave wall, just as right now I'm telling how I became a slave for writing. I love writing because when I write, even if I don't feel like doing it, I can always see and connect to my deepest self.

Sometimes, I write because I was driven to. Being influenced by things and persons around me, they affect me in such a way that drives me to share what I feel. In that same pattern, people I have great influence to write.

Nevertheless, I can always have the reason to write. Why? Simply because every time I write, I'm always reminded just how fortunate and free I am. Fact is, without writing, I can never be satisfied enough apart from the fact that God gave me this skill to tell the world about Him. It makes me alive.