Saturday, November 23, 2013

Faith Like Daniel

I got to see the episode of Daniel, and it reminded me of how my faith should be. It was now days since I saw that Superbook Episode, but its message still rings in my ear: An Unwavering Faith.

I can actually remember crucial times in my life even before I became a believer of Christ. It was really a miracle I survived, I could have taken my own life because of those difficulties I had. But then, those flashes were washed out when I came to know Christ years before. That instant moment, He rescued me and gave me peace. From then on, I promised to myself not to lose faith anymore. But as always, I’m just a human being and again, I failed.

I was getting comfortable, and my worship became stagnant. It became a habit and not by faith then, I’m getting used to it. Church on Sundays, Multimedia ministry works, Outreach activities, and all that it should be. Alongside with being in College, I met new classmates, had my circle of friends and enjoyed having fun times with them. Little did I know my faith that time is already being tested, I haven’t noticed it. I established a ‘sin pattern’ on weekdays and washing that out on Sundays, feeling all emotional and promising again and again, but nothing happened. I was trapped in this Sin-Conviction-Wash pattern.

One Sunday I woke up a little bit early than usual, and I went to the living room finding my brothers watching this television show. I threw myself on the couch feeling all lazy and whatnot. It was the Superbook, and this day, the show featured Daniel of the Old Testament.

As the show goes on, I can’t help but compare myself with Daniel. How He trusted God in everything but faith only made me lay there crying silently with my brothers watching innocently. I was pinned in the spot. I cried hiding myself in pillows until everyone in the living room went out to do their thing.

I recognized the feeling, it was the same when I first received Christ. And unlike the past convictions which led me to the stagnant pattern, it was far more different. That immediate moment, I renewed my commitment knowing God was just waiting for me to surrender that part of my life. Right then I knew life would be more difficult, but I know, my faith in God will carry me until everything in this life of mine lives by faith, and faith only.