Thursday, October 17, 2013

Masflex KitchenPro: The Knife for Every Home

October 16, 2013, The Loft, Manansala Tower, Rockwell, Makati – The inspiration for the revolutionary knives is clear, “the first tool picked up by any Chef, Cook, Home Maker, Foodie, Mom or Culinary Student / Enthusiast in the Kitchen is a Knife.” No wonder Chef Gene Gonzalez took notice of the matter slice-and-dice.

Being one of the top-notch chefs in the country, he knows the importance of having a good knife at hand. Chef Gene thinks of knives as an essential part of the kitchen.

Recently, Chef Gene Gonzalez, a Filipino culinary icon, who also owns top culinary school, Center for Asian Culinary Studies (CACS), together with the makers of Masflex, finally launched the Masflex KitchenPro Culinary Knife Collection in the country.

(from left to right) Paring Knife, Boning Knife, Fillet Knife, Santoku, Cleaver, Serrated Knife, Slicing Knife and two Chef's Knives

The Masflex KitchenPro Culinary Knife Collection features eight types of essential knives, each with a different functional use depending on the type of food: the Paring Knife, Boning Knife, Fillet Knife, Cleaver, Santoku, Serrated Knife, Slicing Knife, and Chef’s Knife. The said knives were subjected to a meticulous two-year development process to ensure that the functionality of the knives were at its finest. “We have secretly been working on research and development with Masflex for the last two years; soon, everyone will be able to use good knives designed to do good work,” says Chef gene.

The Paring Knife is a handy and versatile knife for small cutting jobs. The Boning Knife has a streamlined, narrow yet firm blade to help reach into bone and cartilage, slit and probe narrow areas to debone or separate protein or tissue from the bone. The Fillet Knife features a streamlined narrow and flexible blade that can debone, probe, skin and separate protein tissue for fillets, roulades and escalope. The Cleaver is suited for mostly heavy work like chopping meat and vegetables for stir fry. The Santoku, a lightweight, scaled down knife with an Asian designed recessed kullens cutting edge is built for fast cutting task.

There is also the Serrated Knife, which needs no sharpening and best used to cut breads and slice cakes for layering and frosting with ease. The Slicing Knife is made of a streamlined blade built for slicing large fillets, roasts, processed meats like ham and slices and crusts with accuracy and ease. Finally, the Chef’s Knife is the ultimate knife built for heavy tasks like cutting, chopping, slicing and mincing, and also provides stability, weight and enough slicing length for all kitchen activities.

The collection includes 3 types of Kitchen Shears; Basic, Multipurpose and 5-in-1. The shears can be used for clean, even cuts and shreds of fresh herbs and vegetables, and it also cuts through small bones in chicken and fish. Another important tool in the collection is the 14-inch Honing Steel, which is the longest honing steel available and the only size Chef Gene prefers for the daily honing of knives.

And to make the culinary enthusiast’s knife experience even greater, Chef Gene added the Knife Accessories the includes Knife Guards to protect the knife blades, the Wall Mounted Magnetic Knife Holders for easy storage, and even a Hand Washing System to eliminate hard to remove strong odors from the hands, fingers and nails due to handling, cutting and chopping all types of food.

Moreover, the Masflex KitchenPro Culinary Knife Collection features premium design, solid durability and competitive pricing matched to quality world-standard. The set is to expand kitchen experience at its best. The new product line is also poised to empower youth communities and broaden local consciousness of culinary arts. Hiren Mirchandani, Masflex KitchenPro Marketing Manager, pointed out that a portion of the Masflex KitchenPro’s sales will go towards culinary education scholarships as well as culinary livelihood programs.

At the event where the new product line was introduced, I saw myself how sharp the knives when Chef Gene effectively used the knives in his demo-cooking. I was obviously in awe how these products proved its worth in the top-of-the-line world standard. As a result, I could not help but to crave in these meals he cooked.

photo opp with Chef Gene Gonzales
Chef Gene’s Masflex KitchenPro Culinary Knife Collection is available in all leading department stores nationwide. For more information on the collection, visit and You can also watch Chef Gene teach you how to properly use the knives through his instructional knife skills videos on