Friday, September 13, 2013

RACE To Serve Fun Run III

Me and my classmate Alice -- in wonderland. Ha-ha

One of the things I had to keep in my mind is that while I study, I also had to keep my body fit, though I think I’m not that in shape at all. Because of that, I always make time for little runs and sweat-tearing. And I must admit, my schedule is getting tight and finding time becomes my problem. Though squeezing myself in our P.E. class might be helping, I have to find some other way. And I’m glad my Sunday classes caught my attention on this fun run they made us join in.

Last Saturday September 7, 2013, my classmates and I joined a fun run conducted by the Philippine Sports Commission in celebration of its 113th anniversary. Dubbed as RACE To Serve Fun Run III, in cooperation with the Civil Service Commission and Government Service Insurance System, I really found the run quite fun with my “funny” classmates.

The fun run took place in Quirino Grandstand, Manila. We joined the 5K run and that day, we got ourselves pretty much ready for the run, we woke up early in the morning, ate our breakfast, and took our dawn train ride to the venue. Probably it’s the first time my classmates would ever join a race (that I don’t know). We registered and finally started to run. My feet felt too excited because it was really rejuvenating to find myself running again. And unfortunately, I had to leave my classmates behind sometimes ha-ha.

When we crossed the finished line, I never thought I would be that satisfied again. We took pictures and though I did not win, (that’s a dream ha-ha) it seems to me that winning is not only found in cash gifts or trophies. I found this race fun because it satisfied my crave for running and I did it with my new-found friends in my school. That time, I already thought of doing that again with them if we meet the chance.