Friday, September 13, 2013

A Sisig Lover’s Paradise

Have you been looking for the best sisig you’ll ever want to taste? Yes or No, I think I found it! Ha-ha. Nah, I’m just joking. Maybe right now, you’re just as curious as I when my friend Isiah told me about the best sisig I will ever taste, but I really had the best sisig, at least.

This also happened last Saturday September 7, 2013 after the fun run (irony huh?). My classmates got hungry and I, though resisting the feeling, felt that too. Just then my friend Isiah Fuentes told us about this eatery named Penny’s and the best sisig they serve, just about walking distance from Intramuros (we strolled there after the race, which probably made us realize were hungry). So some of my friends including me took the offer.

When we got to the place, it’s just an ordinary carinderia with some college students, even ordinary sidecar drivers, hanging around in the place. I found the eatery comfortable because of its spacious seats and tables. Luckily, we instantly found a table to sit unto. And Isiah did the thing for us, just like treating a stranger into his neighborhood. He did order and even serve the sisig to us as if he was the owner of the eatery itself (he really did that, sorry bro).

This is it! I’ve been eating in different eateries around RTU searching for the best sisig, and now it’s time to compare, to really prove if my friend is telling the truth. When the sisig was being brought to us, I could already smell the luring aroma of the sizzling plate that I couldn’t truly ignore. I got agitated to taste the thing, I couldn’t wait.

“Durugin niyo na agad yung itlog dali,” Isiah said. Without hesitation, we did. I don’t know if there was a secret on beating the egg on the sizzling plate or would it affect the taste but I did anyway. Isiah also prepared the sauce for us, how thoughtful ha-ha. Now it’s time to dig in!

When I took my first bite, I fainted (JOKE). Compared to other sisig, it was moist, in such a way that the spiciness would not dry your mouth at all. It tasted just right, not too spicy, and not too salty, with the sauce it’s perfect (even without). It’s probably the best sisig I had. One thing more, it’s not too greasy, which discourages me often to eat. In other eateries, greasy food makes me think that the back of my neck is aching, seriously.

Moreover, served with their signature sinangag, the meal was a total package for a foodie with a passion for Filipino dish. For sisig pleasure seekers, this is the best thing I could offer. No doubt, the experience was totally satisfying. In fact, we had another cup of sinangag after we had the first one. Mind you, the meal is very affordable (Php 40), yet very satisfying. And as I observe, customers around us also had the same meal, that’s how famous the sisig was.

By the way before I could forget, Penny’s eatery was located at Zobel St. Taft Avenue, Ayala Boulevard, Manila (near Technological University of the Philippines and Philippine Normal University).