Monday, June 24, 2013

The Catalyst in Hospital - Patient Partnership: The TMC Partner Link

Last Wednesday (June 19) at The Medical City in Ortigas Ave. Pasig City, the said institution launched their newest collaborative internet service coinciding with its celebration of “Innovation Week” – the TMC Partner Link.

The TMC Partner Link is a fully interactive free online portal that offers TMC patients with full responsibility and control to their medical records. The portal accessible via its main website ( offers distinct features:

Personal profile of the TMC patient fully accessible (only by the patient unless another person is allowed to do so) and can be edited through an account sign-up which started today. Patients admitted right at this date are offered the portal as part of admission procedures, same as Outpatients of the Ambulatory Service Center only to be offered the same process. While patients admitted before this day (June 24, 2013) can visit, call or even email the institution’s Customer Service Department to sign up for a Partner Link account.

An allergy indicator which can be either provided both by the medical records and the patient’s personal preference through their accounts.

Tabs for Laboratory Results, Diagnostic Reports and Clinical Notes which can be printed but are not verified by the attending physician or health consultant. Discharge summaries are also available for printing to be used for any future purpose it may serve.

Health trackers that enables TMC patients to monitor their vital signs in a graphic interface. Health IT Head of TMC Dr. Mike Muin says, “For now, we have trackers for blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and weight. What’s unique about these trackers is that they are integrated with our hospital Electronic Medical Records, and allows doctors to monitor their patients without frequent hospital visits. It fully embraces the concept of patient partnership beyond the walls of the hospital.” However, the portal cannot offer medical advices, so patient should still consult their doctors for proper clarification of their diagnostics and symptoms.

Strict identification verification and authentication procedure to ensure protection of patient’s sensitive medical records and personal information (which are stored in the secure clinical data repository of TMC) from illicit access.

At the press conference where the TMC Partner Link was introduced, it has been stated that the project was to be further improved for better patient care. Creators of the said portal say that more custom trackers are to be added like food and diet journal. Likewise, a mobile-app of the portal is right now on its way. Now, who says moving healthcare is impossible?

It has been said that internet is a great speed bump of today’s advances in different aspects of our society, particularly in our social lives. Right now, we people are too busy working for our living that sometimes we forget or delay our regular medical maintenance. And I can say that right now, because of this new innovation The Medical City has to offer, patient-to-doctor correlation will never be the same again. Apparently, I’m just about too lucky to witness a part of it ha-ha.

The Medical City is located along Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City. Call them at (+632) 988-1000 or (+632) 988-7000 or email at, or visit for more information.